Red Bull Hires Bodyguards for Max Verstappen at Mexican GP


In light of recent security concerns surrounding Max Verstappen's presence at the Mexican Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing has made the decision to hire bodyguards to protect their star driver. This article delves into the incidents that led to this decision, the implications for Red Bull's lineup, and the significance of these safety measures.

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Max Verstappen's Security Concerns

Following the US Grand Prix, where Verstappen faced jeers and chants from the crowd, Red Bull Racing deemed it necessary to take additional precautions for his safety. The incidents at the US Grand Prix highlighted the need for increased security measures to ensure Verstappen's well-being during the Mexican Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez's Popularity

While Verstappen faces scrutiny and backlash, his teammate Sergio Perez remains a fan favorite, particularly in Texas and Mexico. The contrasting reception between the two drivers underscores the challenges Verstappen faces in maintaining his position as the team's top driver. Furthermore, Perez's return to his home race in Mexico is anticipated with immense fan support.

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 Red Bull's Decision to Protect Verstappen

Red Bull's decision to hire bodyguards for Verstappen stems from their responsibility to prioritize his safety. Team advisor Helmut Marko emphasized the importance of ensuring Verstappen's well-being and acknowledged the need for these security measures. Red Bull is committed to providing a secure environment for their star driver.

#Racepect Campaign

In response to the incidents at the US Grand Prix and the need for respectful behavior from fans, Rodrigo Sanchez initiated the #racepect social media campaign. The campaign aims to promote a culture of respect and sportsmanship among Formula One enthusiasts. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a positive and inclusive atmosphere at races.


The decision by Red Bull Racing to hire bodyguards for Max Verstappen at the Mexican Grand Prix highlights the significance of his security concerns. As the team's top driver, Verstappen's safety is paramount, and Red Bull is taking proactive measures to ensure it. The incidents at the US Grand Prix and the contrasting fan support for Verstappen and Perez underscore the challenges faced by the team. The #racepect campaign further emphasizes the need for respectful behavior among fans. As the Mexican Grand Prix approaches, all eyes will be on Red Bull and Verstappen as they navigate these security concerns and strive for success on the track.

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