Why the Alonso to Red Bull F1 Rumors Don't Hold Up



The world of Formula 1 was sent into a frenzy after the Mexico Grand Prix, with rumors swirling about the future of Sergio Perez and a cryptic tweet from Spanish journalist Albert Fabrega. In this article, we aim to separate fact from fiction and provide some much-needed clarity on the situation.

Perez's Misfortune in Mexico:

It all started with Perez's high-stakes approach at Turn 1, which unfortunately led to a race-ending collision with Charles Leclerc. This incident raised doubts about Perez's second-place position in the drivers' championship and ignited speculation about his future.

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Albert Fabrega's Cryptic Tweet:

Adding fuel to the fire was a mysterious tweet from Albert Fabrega, a well-known Spanish journalist in the F1 paddock. The tweet hinted at significant news and sent fans and experts alike into a frenzy, with various theories emerging.

The Alonso Speculation:

The main theory that emerged from Fabrega's tweet was the possibility of Fernando Alonso retiring or replacing Perez at Red Bull. However, upon closer analysis, it becomes clear that Alonso's retirement is highly unlikely, given his motivation and commitment to Aston Martin. As for replacing Perez, it is a plausible option, especially considering Perez's underwhelming performance this season.

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Red Bull's Official Stance:

Red Bull's senior sources have been quick to dismiss the Alonso rumors, insisting that Perez is the intended driver for the 2024 season. They have made it clear that discussions with Alonso were unrelated to driving and that he is not being considered for a seat at Red Bull. Instead, they have mentioned Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo as potential options in the future.

Perez's Future at Red Bull:

Despite the rumors and speculation, Red Bull has shown faith in Perez's potential and hopes for a strong finish in 2023. However, it is important to note that Perez's second-place finish in the championship does not guarantee his place for 2024. Christian Horner's choice of words regarding Perez's future suggests that his performance in the upcoming races will play a crucial role in determining his fate.


In conclusion, the rumors surrounding Fernando Alonso's potential move to Red Bull can be put to rest. Red Bull seems committed to Perez, and his future with the team depends on his performance in the remaining races. While the F1 rumor mill may continue to churn, it's important to separate fact from fiction and focus on the exciting events happening on the track.

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