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Guenther Steiner Bundle

Guenther Steiner Bundle

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Revitalize your wardrobe with the Guenther Steiner Bundle – a humorous nod to the charismatic Haas F1 Team principal.

Key Features:

  • Guenther Steiner "Bunch of Wankers" T-shirt: Express your F1 passion with humor, wearing a unique T-shirt that showcases Steiner's iconic quote in style.
  • Guenther Steiner Boat T-shirt: Dive into the world of F1 humor with a shirt that hilariously immortalizes Steiner's memorable "It's a boat" moment.
  • Guenther Steiner Sticker Pack: Personalize your belongings with witty stickers, each featuring Steiner's legendary quotes for a touch of humor.
  • Ultimate F1 Gift Bundle: Ideal for racing enthusiasts with a sense of humor, this bundle combines style and laughter, making it a perfect F1 gift.

Designed for fans of Guenther Steiner, Haas F1 Team supporters, and anyone who appreciates F1 humor, this bundle is a statement of fun and camaraderie.

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Stickers are being shipped separately from T-Shirts.

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